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Talentonic HR Solutions has an unusual DNA. We are a HR Service provider who is not content with being either a Consulting Company or being an HR Software Products Company. So we put conventional wisdom on its head. We wanted both. We lost focus and refocused on a bigger reality. Our Client Community.

Talentonic is a scalable HR Services business, which can support Clients’ need for growth and increasing sophistication of HR solutions. Our practice areas are as follows

Strategic HR Consulting. Comprehensive organization development starting from organization structuring, balanced scorecard, crafting the “A” team, revamp of the major HR processes, talent management going down to the HRIS installation. In all cases, such assignments have included coaching of the CEO & The Head HR. Please see sample case studies.

HR Point Solutions. A bouquet of solutions and services for a variety of clients. From developing the vision & mission for an Indian Institute of Management, job evaluation and structuring for an ITES major for their 75 global leadership members, competency structure and performance management for an automotive major, leadership framework definition and assessment for a media company, manpower rationalization for a hospitality company and variable income and sales incentive design for an ITES major. These are just some representative examples.

HR Software products & HR technology consulting. A global employee engagement solution which is supported with a unique action learning solution, which helps to enchance engagement. Talent3sixty, A 360-degree assessment tool, allows you to use your own competency model. Talentmaturity, a tool for assessing the maturity and satisfaction with 8 major HR processes & 45 sub-processes. We constructed a compensation analysis & bugetting tool for an MNC consulting firm with operation in 130+ countries. Designed and developed an online performance management system for an automotive major.

The Talentonic Partner team consists of experienced professionals with an impeccable track record in HR Consulting and as practicing HR professionals in large organizations...Read more

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