What is 360-degree feedback?

Talent3sixty facilitates employees to receive confidential & aggregated feedback from their work group consisting of their manager, team members and other stakeholders in the organization. The work group which participates in this feedback process are those who are directly or indirectly impacted by the leadership behavior of the employee and enjoy the vantage point to provide reliable feedback. They therefore have a stake in the development of the individual employee.

This is considered better and more reliable than the traditional system of performance management where the feedback is the responsibility of the Manager. These conversations have been fraught with difficulty and dependent on the skill of the Manager. In a formal work relationship obtaining reliable feedback is not easy.

Talent3sixty is more balanced & confidential & provides the following advantages.

a. More accurate. Better than a single manager rating. Provides a multi-perspective view.

b. Better acceptance. Research shows that 360o feedback is more accepted by participants than supervisor evaluations.

c. Provides richer understanding of leadership capability.

d. Promotes open communication around leadership.

e. Is easy and fast to implement

Talent3sixty is not infallible, and here are a few pitfalls to watch out for.

a. Having no clear purpose. Not sure why we are doing it and what outcome we hope to achieve.

b. Not involving key stakeholders and therefore taking a myopic view of the feedback. Insuffient communication and training. Not seeking feedback from key stakeholders.

c. Compromising confidentiality.

d. Treating it as a fad. An event ending with the report with no next steps or development planning.

There are certain situations which are not covered by Talent3sixty.

a. Not a way to measure employee performance objectives or KRAs.

b. Not a way to determine whether an employee is meeting basic job requirements.

c. Not focused on basic technical or job-specific skills

d. Should not be used to measure strictly objective things such as attendance, sales quotas, etc.

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