Initiating the talent3sixty program

Initiating a talent3sixty program in your company requires some preparation. Those of you who are regular users of a 360-degree program would be aware of the critical importance of this preparation. Setting the tone, obtaining buy in, clarifying expectations, “What will this be used for “. Next steps and logistics.

It’s important to get this stage right to make sure the objectives of the project are met! Follow these simple steps and you are ready to go:

1. Communicate. The stakeholders of the program should understand the objective and the importance of the talent3sixty program and their role in making it successful. Feedback seekers, Respondents, HR & the Leadership team. In too many organizations talent3sixty is announced and not explained.

a. Who will see my talent3sixty report?

b. Will my boss and/or HR have access to it?

c. Is this part of my formal performance assessment?

d. Is this part of my potential assessment / talent inventory program?

e. Who should I go to if I have questions on the talent3sixty report ?

f. Is this initiative widespread or only for a selected few ?

2. Get Ready. Make sure you are that your talent3sixty process is ready. Your competency model is ready and has been socialized. The questions have been prepared (Please see the section Designing the competency model for more guidance on this). Feedback seekers identified. Respondents for each feedback seeker identified.

3. Kick Off.

a. Contact us for obtaining a company specific log in and password. Obtain access to your company page and set up your company with basic information.

b. Create a talent3sixty survey. Fix the start date & end date.

c. Upload your feedback seeker / respondent matrix, as well as the competency model / 360 degree questions.

d. Review the email templates for welcome email, survey extension & closure.

e. Publish the survey.

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