Designing talent3sixty assessment

Once the competency model has been designed and finalized and the rating scale defined, the 360-degree question library should be put in place. Each competency is broken into 3-5 questions, which query the specific behaviors underpinning the competency / sub- competency.

Your talent3sixty assessment is only as good as the questions you ask !

Think about this in a systematic way.

Competency Sub - competency Talent3sixty questions
Bias for Action “Can do attitude” Displays a “can do attitude” when faced with deadlines, challenges & urgency. Is outcome driven.
Multi tasking Can handle multiple tasks & priorities without losing focus.
Planning & project management Plans well. Defines metrics, action plans, interim stages and assigns time and resources to enable implementation.
Conflict resolution Resolves conflicts in the team during implementation. Takes decisions and encourages team members to keep the outcome in mind & focus.

This method applies specifically where the organization is using a competency model.

In case you are using value statements or potential enablers, there may not be a sub-category used.

The sub-categories enable the report to aggregate assessment at the sub category level , as well as at the competency level to enable better development planning and feedback.

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